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Corona Virus Protection Equipment

Yes we are manufacturing face mask and face shield equipment.

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Only open line for Corona virus protective equipment.

We are doing our best to meet the needs of our customers request on the time.


Previous month Delivery


Able To meet the demands.


Respond to costumer

Production Capacity.Manufacturing Statistic.

Our experts develop a strategy that will lead you to mailling success!

Please See, If Delivery Time Fits Your Demand.

busines money maill everything you asked we got, come and get it belive ve we have all Business risks come in all

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Wishing to work together

We can produce components from 0.1g to 5kg, based on your desired quantity as frequently as required. We work with a wide range of thermoplastic polymers including ABS, PC, PP, Nylon (PA) family – as well as engineering materials such as PEEK and others.

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One stop production, short lead times

As a one-stop shop, we offer our customers project management from the initial design phase to delivery of low and high-volume items. Our company key sets includes innovative product development, own mold and tool design capabilities as well as own production plant in Europe. Delivery for custom made plastic parts in one-two weeks to any location in region.

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